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General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Glacier Girl on Yesterday at 04:46:53 AM »
Thanks Ken, will look into it. Will be needing a bigger one anyhow, the old Sears works fine for small stuff, but doesn't care for things like painting or running air powered grinders and such.

Anywho, on a couple of side notes. Good news.  Looks like we may have found another dog. 2 year old 100 pounds of German Shepherd.  Even better, has a prey attitude. Perfect for those little bass turds that live in the neighborhood.  Just kidding.

Even better news, we've gotten a full sponsorship for the EVO!  Will pay to vinyl wrap the car, all improvements done,( that's a ton of money) full trip coverage to any events, $500.00 a month for odds and ends, and bonuses for placing at events.

That's a load off my mind and my wallet...
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Ktaylor2 on June 23, 2017, 03:05:23 AM »

Aluminum compressors never last,  too much expansion. You're best if you can find one with a cast iron pump, like an old champion or quincy. We sell ingersol Rand, but I would stay away from the SS3 and SS5 models, bad design. Not enough cooling fins. The best reciprocating compressors are made by Quincy.
Anywho, don't know how the rest of you spent Father's Day, but yours truly spent his again working on the race car.

And nearly had an incident to top them all. Part of our balancing out the car involved moving the pump that controls the differentials from the front to the back.  No biggie, did the same to the last one.

Well it did involve me making a single steel line that ran from the front of the car, to the rear, over the driveshaft, and then looped back to the pump.

Well I wasn't about to try that one again. So, we had a steel line that ran from the front to the rear of the car, no longer used as it was part of the emissions system we eliminated.  Great, all I had to do was make a connection in the front and a second one at the rear to use it.

Rear hook up wasn't too bad, front looked to be even easier.  Front line had to be cut to make it meet up with the line coming over from the differential.  Of course where it needed cut I couldn't get to it with a pipe cutter.

No problem, Shane tells me just use the Dremel with a cut off wheel.   Okay.   NO NOT OKAY!

Cutting wheel tends to make a lot of sparks. And said pipe use to handle fuel vapors back to the charcoal canister.
Well we found out vapors over time tend to condense into a liquid.

I hit the pipe with the cut off wheel, sparks flying and then I see a liquid spraying out of the cut! :o

Yep, raw gas shooting out of the pipe onto the cutting wheel.  :o :o :o

I don't think I've ever moved so fast out from under a car.  Don't know how, it didn't explode.

That would not have been pretty.
AJ, let me know when you are free, time wise that is. I'll be happy to put you up while you do our place.  ;D Just kidding.
Dang fine work you are doing. That's going to be really nice.
General Discussion / Re: The Bitching Post
« Last post by Glacier Girl on June 21, 2017, 05:06:25 PM »
Well been checking the Animal control website, and haven't seen them on their captured dogs section, so who knows what happened. Hopefully they found their way back to the idiot that dropped them off. Or somebody else nabbed them.

On a lighter note, after Elijah passed away Jean swore we would never own another dog. Yeah right. We are now on the hunt for another one. Most likely another German Shepherd. Probably go with one from the GS rescue places around here. Breeders are out the question, I looked at a couple and some of these folks are crazy. $4900.00 for a puppy?  :o Plus you have to fill out application forms, references, pay for training, and have multiple meet and greets.  I had to do less to get married, LOL!
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Glacier Girl on June 21, 2017, 04:57:08 PM »
Holy ding dong, PUTZ is still alive?  Where you been hiding? Hope all is going well with you. Miss you man.

Ken, yep, aluminum.  Also found when it self destructed it sheared one of the mounts off. Did a little creative repairing to correct that. Now hopefully part swill show up this week to put it back together.
General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by AceJ on June 20, 2017, 02:29:02 AM »
I have 2 submersible pumps, 1 operates the waterfall and the bog. it turns about 3500 gal. per hour and a smaller pump that is set up as a particle filter that has a underwater spout to keep the current moving and a above water spout that helps aerate the water and for looks as a little fountain, it turns about 300 gal hour
the bog is about 8'X8'X24" deep with piping at the bottom that filters the water through 3 tons of pea gravel before re-entering the pond

General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by export! on June 19, 2017, 03:38:33 PM »
What kind of pumps do you use AJ?  Are they submersible or more like a pool/hottub pump?
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by fivestring on June 19, 2017, 10:11:24 AM »
Export! TE! Good to see you are still kickin'.
General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by AceJ on June 19, 2017, 09:12:25 AM »
Thanks, it's been a slow progress getting the pond/ water garden to where it is now. it is Monica's favorite place to sit and relax
my next project for it is to add another water fall and a 15' stream that drops in beside where the bogs overflow is,,,, in the first picture it is the top right corner of the pond
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