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And just when you think you're gold, it seems old Mr. Murphy doesn't just do airplanes. And this one(s) been a kick between the legs.  :o

Big dollar turbo system, company forgets to send the gaskets and seals for it.  ???

Updated radiator system, no hoses sent, have waited two weeks for them to send. Now they say maybe by July they can get them. And to top it off, they tell Shane he should have called more frequently to check status. This was a kit they said they had in stock, and we paid for. And it's our fault?  ???

And the last one, complete new fuel system, they didn't include the fuel pressure regulator. Can't wait to hear the excuse for that one.  ::)

Well that's three strikes for Modern Automotive Performance.

And a huge thanks to Evasive Motorsports. They've already overnighted the gaskets/seals and hoses for us, course that's extra money spent, and I checked this morning they stock the missing regulator, so most likely it will be coming from them.  ;)
General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by Glacier Girl on April 26, 2017, 08:59:35 AM »
Yeah it's like an Apollo launch countdown. We have a track rented for May 27th for testing, and it's not refundable, so not real sure what kind of car we'll have there. LOL!  Pretty much  it's all those lots of little things that have to be finished and that's a big list.

Anywho, I may have come up with a small time saver. Part of the work is moving weight around to balance out the car. Like the battery to the trunk.  One of the others is the pump that powers the front differential system. Like the last car, it's getting moved from the front of the engine bay to the trunk. That part is a piece of cake. Couple of holes for fluid lines and mounts. Big not so fun part is running a 5/16th metal line from the front diff down to the rear of the car, over the drive shaft, then back to the pump.

I made it in one piece last time, and of course once made you can't remove it unless you cut it into pieces.

Well, after doing the EGR valve and charcoal canister removal, I have a 5/16th metal line that runs from the front of the car to the rear that now does nothing. So all I need to do is flush it out, then tap it into the front diff, and make a tie in to run to the new pump location. Will save me a couple of hours of bending steel tubing. And a plus, it will look factory as most of it will be.
General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by AceJ on April 24, 2017, 09:17:22 AM »
wow you guys are really moving along with the rebuild
looking forward to seeing some pictures of it once it's ready to hit the track
General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by Glacier Girl on April 24, 2017, 04:37:12 AM »
And another 13 hour wrenching session.   :'(
Pulled the stock front bumper off, and the impact bar, followed by the intercooler, radiator, and every bit of the a/c system under the hood.  Then it was all the piping for the turbo, the battery and a bunch of useless brackets and the ACD pump system.

Jump to inside the car, and yanked the complete dash out. Replaced the stock evaporator/heater case and blower housing with the lightweight modded ones.  Laid out the new gages/wiring and track timer for install. Added the plate for the fire suppression pull handle.  Reinstalled the dash.   Installed and removed the new roll bars, three times, to get everything lined up for final installation, after it gets painted.

After that it was pull the intake and turbo assy. off the old engine. Those will get the new turbo and fuel injectors installed in them. Then it's just a matter of swapping them into the new car.

And to end the day, it was two runs to the now second garage to store even more parts in.

Anywho, dropped around 150 pounds out of the front end, we weighed old vs new parts and old parts not going back on the car.  ;)

Today it's finally raining, so no flying.  I have to run over to Race Car Engineering to swap out the wrong fire system they sent and pick up the fuel jugs they forgot to ship.  ::)
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Glacier Girl on April 24, 2017, 04:18:14 AM »
One word.  Spotter. Get one,  trust me.

General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by export! on April 22, 2017, 10:39:10 AM »
One word.  Spotter. Get one,  trust me.
General Discussion / Re: So what are you working on besides an awesome plane?
« Last post by Glacier Girl on April 21, 2017, 03:13:11 AM »
First off sometimes you really need to make sure what you say to someone is what you mean and not what they heard.

We have new race bumper covers for the car. Need painted. Tell Shane to drop them off at the body shop with a piece of the car so they can match the paint.  For some reason this car is not truly black, catch it in the sun and it has a purple metallic flake in the color.

Up at the shop I see there is a 1 foot square missing from the stock rear bumper cover. ?????? ??? ???

When asked, am told he couldn't fit three bumpers in the trunk to take to the shop.  Remind son that the beater he bought, a BMW convertible, could have held all three with the top down.  "It's Florida, it's not cold, and it hasn't rained in weeks". 

"Oh" ::)

Oh well, the Mitchell Racing emporium of new used and abused EVO parts keeps growing.  Cripes, lets see, we have all the parts taken off the first one, when it was converted. Then there's all the parts we scavenged off of it.  Then add all the parts removed from the new car, and toss in the ever growing piles of race parts that keep showing up.

Something like 4 sets of bumpers, some damaged.  ::) spare engine and trans and diffs., 4 doors, glass, 2 complete stock interiors, yep 8 seats, bunch of seat belts, 2 carpets, 2 headliners, a sunroof, all the trim x 2, and a 5 gallon bucket of fasteners.  Pair of complete dashes and consoles, 4 air bags, 3 complete suspensions/coil overs and one steering rack, 3 sets of brake calipers. 5 sets of wheels and tires. Lets not forget the trunk lid and wing of which we now have at least 4 wings somewhere in the piles.
Oil coolers, radiators, 2 a/c complete systems, a fender, spare tires, trunk trim, jacks, stereos and amps and speakers.

Did I mention the drop shipment that's supposed to show up of more race parts, due today or Saturday?  Fuel injectors, fuel pumps, roll cage #2, wide band map sensor, all the new harnesses and and laptop for tuning, dual stage fire suppression system, big turbo, and stroker kit/ crank/rods/bearings/pistons/cams/gaskets/seals/etc.

Or one of our sponsors (finally getting some) sending 4 more wheels and tires yesterday.

This has gotten so far out of hand so quick. We got one month to have the car ready for testing, already paid for the track time, and it's not refundable.  Still need to pick up a trailer too.

I told Shane, this weekend is clearance weekend. Everything must go!  All stuff we don't need will be cleaned, photographed, and put up for sale on the EVO forum.
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Glacier Girl on April 21, 2017, 02:23:38 AM »
Note to self, It's pretty bad when your equipment is smarter then you are.

Got a new phone, after the Verizon fiasco, if anyone want's it, PM me and I'll give you the new number.

Anywho, having to learn the ins and outs of the phone I did manage to download the app for the camera.

First, camera needs to be on, to use the app. Dumb asp!  ::)

Second, phone has to have WiFi set up to work. Note there, don't trust Dish Customer Service to help you with the password.
Yes it has a password on the router label, but that's not the password for it, it uses the ID number instead.  Took multiple uneducated guesses to get it to work.

Third, camera has to be in the search for WiFi signal mode for phone to talk to camera, and visa versa.

And lastly, make sure batteries in both camera and phone are fully charged when attempting all this. Yep camera battery died in the middle of such and dufas here didn't realize it while trying to figure out why it wasn't working.  ::)

Yea!!! It works!  Can operate the camera via the phone, and view what the camera sees on the phone.  An itsy bitsy step into FPV.

Anyone wanna take any bets on how long it takes me to screw up and loose the plane and camera while watching the phone?
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Glacier Girl on April 18, 2017, 03:55:38 PM »
Mac you forgot more then I'll ever know about flying. I still remember the dragging the tail in the snow you did.

Scott, I wasn't about to risk my oh so inexpensive cameras till I knew it would fly. Okay it will fly, I had to make sure I could. :P

I'll get the action camera in the nose and rig the 808 in the belly and see what happens.  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Badius Owners Club 2
« Last post by Gunfighter51 on April 18, 2017, 10:37:49 AM »
I like the diamond plate tape!
Makes me want to get the Stryker out. and see if I can still fly.
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