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A column I wrote
« on: March 26, 2009, 07:19:53 PM »
This is not a flight focused writing.  But you might like it. 

And in this weeks episode of Dem and Dim'r

Dim'r, have you heard that once every 3000 years or so a tidal wave or Tsunami, might hit near Eureka?  I want to help my Party help you get ready.  We are going to have a test!  Isn't that exciting!?!

But Dem, this could interfere with my morning shows, you know since I hurt myself at the Co-Op, I have to smoke some in the mid morning, before I go to the school to pick up my kid.  By the way, thanks for the extra money.  I'll vote for Dem as long as you keep paying me.  Hey, is there a way you could hang on to my kid until 3?

Dim'r, as long as you keep us in power, we will do as little for you as possible, as long as we can enrich ourselves at your expense we'll do so, so I guess we'll look at a Program for your kids.  But what about our negligent, I mean Tsunami, threat alert, did you get it?  And were you comforted that we the Dem's and the entire unwieldy Government plan?

Dem, see I didn't here much, the girl on The Point was making fun of whatever was going on.  You know, I have family in Nebraska, they get those Torpedos, and they have the watch thing.  But when a Torpedo is coming, they have sirens that warn everybody.  How come we can't have that kind of system?  I mean, unless you live in a mobile it seems to work.

Dim'r, don't you worry.  We'll have this program up and running in no time.  We don't have to make this a statewide thing for 6 more years.  So if we used the regular system for this non-existent threat, we would cost jobs.  We can't have that.  Non-productive government, union jobs are what our Dear Leader has promised

You know what Dim'r?  I'm tired of playing silly buggers with you.  The Obama won.  He has said that Big Government is the answer.  He had a meeting with lawmakers (as President, The Obama can't make law, nor can he spend a penny.  That goes to Pelosi, spending since '06.)and pondered ways to move forward, he has decided to tax you on the level that rich people get taxed.

But Dem, I don't have that much money.  I mean I have to pay rent, buy food, and have some extra to buy stuff for my kid.  And I should have money for myself as well.  Oprah and Suze Orman said so.

Dim'r, You don't actually make any money, and we pay you for having a kid.  But we will look at sending you more of your neighbors money

Wow, thank's Dem.  I promise to vote for whoever you run as long as you pay me.  Those Republicans are scary, they want me to make enough money to make up for the loss of my check.  How can I do that?  I don't think they understand.  I went to the High School, but it was aimed at College.  I didn't want to go to college. 

Dim'r, don't you worry.  As long as we can do so we will ensure that you get a stipend.  The rule is that you must vote for dems, or we will cut off your check.  Oh, and if we hear that you might have grown a conscious, we will have the IRS swoop down and  eviserate you and ensure that you're ex gets the kid.

Dim'r, I'm sorry, sometimes I get so mad I say things... and do things... Remember, Dem loves you.  Dem will do anything for you.
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