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« on: November 30, 2010, 07:29:52 PM »

    You've found The Badius Boys. This website in an extension of our incredible thread on RCU.

    This thread is very different than all other threads on RCU and RCG. Here you are free to ask or talk about whatever it is you wish. There is a lot of plane info from very experienced guys here and the planes range from 20 grams to Giant size gassers. Plenty of E conversions, scale, fan fold, free designed/built, you just name the plane.

    We have people here that have decades of experience flying and building along with others just getting started. Stick plane builders, ARF builders, foamies, heavy modifications, new ideas, old ideas and just too much info for me to try to type.

    We do our best to help anyone that asks. Sometimes a question is missed and needs to be asked again and sometimes the answer just won't make any sense but we don't give up. We treat each other as Family. We know who the posters are. We send parts to others that need them. We trade parts, fix parts for others and basically have fun here. We have both AMA and Outlaw fliers. We have donated money to those in need. We have a member building a 20 acre flying field that is open to us on a whim. That field is an official Non Profit Field with no outside affiliations. We inform others about safety along with ourselves when we do goofy things. Sometimes we just have idle chatter with no mention of planes and sometimes it's all planes all the time. It makes it hard for those that never have visited this thread before to follow the idle chatter but to those that want freedom from the "Stay on topic or hit the bricks" attitude, this is Home. We try to help those with a very limited budget, such as a couple of people here with getting what they need to fly and enjoy this Hobby. We ask for little and give all we can. Few regrets, problems here and there but we self Police and RCU is very good to us. In short, in the Land Of Badius, we have fun here. Welcome to the land of Badius.

"We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty."